Ann Ormsby

The Recovery Room

By Ann Ormsby

"Ormsby has a wonderful eye for character and detail, as she fleshes out a keenly observed portrayal of small-town life." Kirkus Review

There's a storm brewing in the quiet town of Litchfield. A whirlwind of media attention, political debate, and anger is about to sweep through and hold the fate of three women captive.

In the eye of the storm are sixteen-year-old Clara Mahoney, a lonesome girl living in a family strained by autism; Pia Fernandez, a battered wife who wants only to escape her abusive husband; and, Loren Elliot, a forty-three-year-old who can barely make ends meet with two kids in college and a husband who just lost his job.

Though these women are very different, they have a great deal in common. They are each unexpectedly pregnant, scared, and in positions where they cannot devote themselves to a child. And, they all have appointments at the same abortion clinic in Litchfield.

But getting there won't be easy. Anti-choice forces-headed by a vain socialite and a self-indulgent priest-are mounting a demonstration against the clinic. Can these desperate women brave the chaos? Or will they let the public debate dictate their private decisions?

An easy read that raises hard questions and then answers them in a compelling way, The Recovery Room is a book every woman should read.