Ann Ormsby

Novel Excerpts

At 23

The year following college graduation, Amanda, Louise and Pam share an apartment on the working class south side of Long Island where the bay air is always musky and the bars are always open. In this pivotal year of their lives, they try to move from drunken beach parties, local bars and boys wearing t-shirts to elegant night clubs, job promotions and men in suits.
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The Recovery Room

Clara Mahoney, 16, wakes up each morning hoping that all of her family's problems were just a bad dream. In the first moment of consciousness she always forces her mind to think that her sister is well. But when she woke up today, instead of worrying about Agnes' medical condition, she was worried about her own. Yesterday her biggest decision was choosing between her gold and silver hoop earrings, but now she must make adult decisions that will affect the rest of her life. Above all else, her overburdened mother must never know the truth. Clara feels that she must go to extraordinary lengths to take care of her problem on her own.
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