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Dear Reader,

I know that the pandemic has been hard on us all, but if you’re searching for a silver lining it has been a great time to read. Why? In a word, time. I know I’ve been stuck in my house for over a year now, working remotely, and hardly ever socializing. I have had hours of free time to write and to read. I’ve discovered so many great authors who I just never had the time to read before. Since I write women’s contemporary fiction, I also like to read books in that genre. I’ve discovered Taylor Jenkins Reid, Celeste Ng, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Rachel Hawkins, and revisited so many fabulous authors like Liane Moriarty, Ann Patchett, Adriana Trigiani and Fiona Davis.

I have also taken this time to edit and publish Living in the Rain, a novel that I have been working on for more than six years, but now had the time to finish editing. It is also a very personal story to me. It explores how much we owe others. How much is the right amount of sacrifice? Of your time. Of your dreams. Of your life.

It tells the story of Cassie Pennebaker, who was just fourteen years old, when her mother suddenly abandoned her, leaving her with her unpredictable, mentally unstable grandmother, Sally. From that moment on, Cassie has to pick up the pieces and be the responsible adult. Six years later, she’s faced with an impossible decision: leave town with her boyfriend, Joe Darby, to pursue a college degree, a career as a foreign correspondent, and a whole new life—or stay and care for Sally, who cannot care for herself.

Does Cassie follow in her mother’s footsteps and abandon Sally to fend for herself? In the book I try to understand why some people walk away from a difficult situation and why some people stay and try to balance their own needs with the needs of others. What’s the binding glue? Is love enough? What fuels unconditional love?

Living in the Rain is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Since the answer to the essential question in the book is different for each person the book is a great catalyst for discussion at book clubs!

Have a great time reading!